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A Personal Introduction

Some Quick Context

For someone with a lifelong love for storytelling and a historical reputation as someone who cannot stop talking, it has taken me way too long to start a blog. I can’t say exactly why it took me this long, other than the truth that sometimes the things I try to say don’t come out onto the page the way I intend them to. The words don’t say the same thing. And given my neurotic obsession with perfection, it was impossible to start. But I’m embracing growth and challenging myself to enjoy the act of doing, so now I have this. Thank you for coming along this journey with me.

Hello, I'm Juily

I'm a recent graduate with a Master's degree in Business Analytics and Information Management and an undergraduate background in Anthropology and Economics, a complex bundle of sass and quirky personality traits and a deep, burning love for food, culture, and travel.

Here I am in Colombia! This was taken back in Jan 2020.

I am also a first-generation student, with a Filipina mother and an Indian father, and three siblings I hate to love. I started this because I wanted a portfolio to showcase my work, my projects, what I can bring to a company. But then I realized that I am so much more than that. Instead, I hope that if companies come here looking to hire me, they see me as someone worth more than just my output and my productivity. I hope they see also a passionate team member, a persistent hard worker who thrives on challenge, and a leader who encourages empathetic collaboration and a dedication towards justice for all.

My Digital Journal

Things I hope this can be:

  • A personal blog
  • A workbook to practice my technical skills
  • My work portfolio - I'm an aspiring data analyst
  • A place to collate personal and professional resources
  • Space to further my education and learning development
  • Documentation of iterative improvement:
    • How can I continue to grow as an ally?
    • What can I do to better myself as a leader?
    • Am I constantly trying to learn new software skills?
A cute picture of half my family to get you emotionally invested, of course.

Until I figure a decent structure out, I suppose it will have to be a glorious combination of it all. I hope it's a good run. See you soon!

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